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The Board of Directors has found it advisable to set up a separate audit committee. The Board of Directors believes that the tasks of ensuring an independent and objective monitoring of the company’s financial reporting process, internal control systems and risk management systems are best fulfilled by reviewing these in detail before being presented to the overall Board of Directors.

The committee consists of Ohene Kwapong (chairman) and Lars-Andreas Nilsen.

Number of meetings
Meetings are held as often as the committee chairman deems necessary and at least twice a year. In the second half of the year, a meeting will be held with the external audit regarding the company’s internal control and risk management systems and a meeting in the first quarter regarding the audit of the company’s annual report, etc. In addition, the external audit may request a meeting with the committee in situations where the external audit considers this necessary.

The audit agreement and the related remuneration of the auditor are agreed between the audit committee and the auditor. The auditor is up for election every year at the company’s annual general meeting.

Kommissorium for revisionsudvalg marts 2017
Mandate for the audit committee march 2017